Adjustable Height Desk

I pulled my back out May 2018, and still have not fully recovered.  Those of you that have suffered such an injury can likely agree with me that something like that never seems to fully come back.


The injury came from being hunched over for five days in a row, 15 hours a day doing a massive cookie order.  While I am able to sit shorter periods each day now, I had to teach myself to stand and decorate cookies and am a huge advocate of working standing. This desk is such an amazing addition to my cookie decorating room.

I can raise this desk to almost shoulder height while working comfortably standing.  I can lower it to sitting height on days I want to sit a little, and I can lower it to a perfect height to take great photos on.  The glass top works so well.  Everything washes off of it!  

I got mine at Costco, however, it appears they have stopped carrying it since then.  There are several places you can purchase it, so I am not going to post a link.  But you can find it under the name of:



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