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My name is Crystal Kluge, and I am the owner of AlexCole Edible Art.  I specialize in royal iced sugar cookies.  My company is named after my two children, Alex and Nicole.  

I have always had a love for baking.  My mom really gave me full reign of the kitchen at a very young age.  In addition to my love of baking, I have always considered myself as very creative.  I am always searching for something to keep my mind busy whether it be running through a million ideas in my head, orchestrating a plan, or following through with projects.

In all my years of baking ironically, until 2016 I had never touched royal icing before.  I decided to make my daughter Emoji cookies for her class treats, and this was the birth of my business.  I fell in love with the medium instantly and all of the possibilities to create so many works of art with it.  I taught myself all I could on my own through countless hours of internet searches and hands on practices, and worked hard to find my own space in this cookie space.

I initially began with only custom orders, and have now switched my focus to teaching.  I offer online classes as well as onsite classes.  I teach locally in the Northern Utah area as well as travel to various states and countries when asked.  I always feel so privileged to be in the presence of a group of individuals that have come to watch me teach.  More times than not I am met with "Oh there is no way I can create what you made..." and they leave with "Oh I cannot believe what I just created" as they send photos of their works of art to their friends and family.  For me personally, there is nothing more satisfying in my business than the reactions from my students.  

I hope you will follow along in my journey as I teach you all I know.  I offer many free tips on my Instagram page @AlexColeEdibleArt as well as paid detailed courses.  I love to share and there are no secrets with my business.  Everyone does cookies their own way and has their own creative outlets.  I appreciate all of you that have chosen to dabble with mine as we cookie together!



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