Conventional or Convection?

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So when I began my cookie business, I faithfully baked in my gas stovetop, conventional/convection oven.  In theory....well according to the internet, it's actually a really nice high end oven and will work as both a conventional and convection oven.  I whole heartedly disagree.  Maybe it is just my oven, but I have to say it really only operates properly as a conventional oven. worked really well for years baking my cookies and then one day all of my shapes started spreading.  It was baffling.  I had repairmen come out a few times.  Finally after months of frustrations, I turned to a cookie friend (Kim from The Little Black Barn) and she shared with me what they bake in.  Little did I know, this little piece of machinery would become one of my most beloved cookie tools.

This "Lisa" convection oven from Cadco is by far one of my best purchases in my business by far!  Yes it took a minute to adjust and get the baking times and temperature configured correctly.  However, in a very short time (like a week...), I had a whole new cookie!  This oven bakes my sugar cookies beautifully.  They stay so soft on the inside and have a beautiful slightly sugar crystalized crisp ever so thinly on the outer edges.  It really gave my cookies a whole new flavor.

One of my other favorite things about this oven, is with my sugar cookies recipe (which you can find HERE), I can bake the shapes very closely together without any spreading.  The cookies come out baked very even time after time.  It is one of my most faithful employees.  I highly recommend it, and honestly do not know what I would do without it.  

You can find it in various places on the internet.  I bought mine on sale for just under $800 HERE, so keep your eye out for a deal.  Also, often they are offered locally in restaurant supply shops.

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