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Over the course of several years, I have used many different brands of meringue powders.  I have definitely found my favorites and my not so favorites.  The unmentionable not so favorites have a tendency to smell like wet dog.  I know there are many of you that can relate!

Hands down my ultimate favorite go-to any time I can meringue powder is Genie's Dream by Creative Cookier.  She has a variety of sizes to meet your pricing needs, and her product never fails to deliver 100%.  The most noticeable differences for me personally in a high altitude environment is her powder produces a very "poofy" and smooth royal icing surface with minimal bubbling.  It is just an easy, no-fail product to work with.  You can buy it directly through her website HERE

Coming in second are CK and Hobby Lobby's Sunny Side Up products.  The main reason for this to be honest is they are two products that I can conveniently get locally at any given time.  The CK powder is typically offered in a local kitchen store, and even sometimes you will find it stocked in Hobby Lobby.  I am not entirely sure why Hobby Lobby's Sunny Side Up meringue powder gets such a bad reputation, but my experience with it has been really quite beautiful.  And with a 40% off coupon and Hobby Lobby five minutes from my house, this one is a quick go-to win-win for me!  

Finding the right powder for you can take some time.  There are lots of different ways that you can tweak the taste of it such as adding in Lorann emulsions (caramel, marshmallow, and butter vanilla are some of my favorites).  Adding corn syrup can add a little flavor.  Some say it softens the bite.  For me, it really makes no change since I make a softer royal icing anyway.  Although I know in humid climates, more meringue powder is necessary so the corn syrup can definitely help.  Kroger/Smith's carries a really inexpensive brand of CLEAR vanilla which is a great addition to your mix to make it smell yummy as well!


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  • Summer on

    Genie’s Dream is my fav too! You can also get it from Amazon! Never tried the Sunny Side up, but good to know as they just opened a Hobby Lobby closer to my house.

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