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Let me first begin by saying that I met the owner of Intricutedibles and was first introduced to her product at the Cookie Con held in Reno.  She is down to earth, and so kind.  You get the instant feeling that she cares about what you say, and really cares about her customers.  Her attitude towards caring goes deep into her product in that you can really see the effort she places into distributing high quality product.

These wafer paper designs come beautifully and neatly packaged individually based on the design you choose.  They are easy to store together as the packaging is all uniform and organized.  She has so many pieces to choose from, and there are so many things you can do with them from icing on top of them, painting them, brushing petal dust over them, airbrushing them, leaving them as is, grinding them up, and so much more.  Her wafer paper is made of the highest quality, and really holds up to different decorating techniques so well.

I had the great fortune recently of being able to experience some of their pieces.  I have placed my ideas below of ways I came up to use her product.  I really enjoy these pieces because for me with my cookies, I love texture and her product really helps your pieces "pop." I hope you enjoy some of my samples below as much as I enjoyed playing with the concepts.  You can find her amazing store HERE.


I used some of Intricutedible's plain wafer paper squares here.  I broke them up into smaller pieces and placed them into a coffee grinder with some edible sparkle glitter.  It basically makes snow, which is a technique I learned from Sidney with Simi Cakes.  In Utah, our Valentine's Days are never warm but it felt a little heartwarming to add some snow effect to pink.  I love pink anything.  This was a really simple cookie to create.  After my cookie was completely dry, I brushed on a watered down version of the same color of royal icing, leaving that heart dry in the middle.  I then laid on my "snow," and layered it up higher and higher with small amounts of the watered down icing.  Because the paper is ground so finely, it really almost gives an added taste of cookie crumb texture.

Example 2:

This particular cookie speaks very true to my style and love of all things distressed, so I had a lot of fun creating this one.  I used edible markers by Corianne's Cookies and brushed it over a stamp.  You have to make sure your base royal icing has dried for an entire day, and still be gentle pressing the stamp onto the cookie.  This is a technique I learned in Shirlyn's class at a Reno cookie con.  Stamped cookies can be a lot of fun.  I then airbrushed the outer edge of the cookie, and piped tiny red dots around the outer border.  This cookie cutter is by Kaledicuts.  I took Intricutedible's square and brushed it with my brown shaded Barco color dust.  Her wafer paper pieces color beautifully and so easily with these kinds dusts.  I took an edible marker and lightly colored the outer edge of it as well.  I did this same process for the word LOVE piece but with my red Barco color dust, and again colored the outer edges with an edible marker.  I placed just a few dots of icing on the back of the wafer paper so it would give more of an illusion of floating above the cookie.  Again, I love the "pop" of added texture.  

 Example 3:

I love the visual effect of this cookie.  I love any pieces of art the make you kind of just look into it deeper and wonder what are the thoughts behind this.  The imagination of a child goes so far, and this little pieces demonstrates such possibilities.  The little girl was sketched on with edible marker.  I then placed very tiny dots of white icing behind each Intricutedible's heart cutout placing them on the cookie one by one.  The white lines were piped on with royal icing.  It was really a simple concept.


 4.  Example 4

For this last cookie, I looked for a way for these little hearts to have some added texture to give the look of a sewn effect.  I ever so gently and slightly bent Intricuedible's wafer paper hearts around my cookie scribe, and added a couple of tiny dots of icing to apply them to my dry based cookie.  Then I did a little pretty bead boarder, and added in some stitched lines.  This cookie was again a very simple concept, and one you could do fairly quickly.

I hope you enjoyed the various ways I chose to demonstrate how you can use Intricutedible's products.  She has a great shop.  Make sure you check her out!

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    What a kind and generous heart you have. Thank you so very much!

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