Find Your Inner Creative

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Creative thinking comes very easily to me.  I am not trying to be braggy here, and truly consider this a gift.  I suffer from anxiety.  Some days it appears to have left me completely in peace, and other days it can be debilitating for absolutely no reason.  I have always been very anti-med, and any way that I can create is truly my artistic outlet to peace.  Currently cookies is that outlet.... Now with that said, I have had so many class attendees and regular inquiries online asking me how I figure out what to create each day.  Would you...

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About AlexCole

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    Hello! My name is Crystal Kluge, and I am the owner of AlexCole Edible Art.  I specialize in royal iced sugar cookies.  My company is named after my two children, Alex and Nicole.   I have always had a love for baking.  My mom really gave me full reign of the kitchen at a very young age.  In addition to my love of baking, I have always considered myself as very creative.  I am always searching for something to keep my mind busy whether it be running through a million ideas in my head, orchestrating a plan, or following...

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