What Paint Brushes are Right for You?

What Paint Brushes are Right for You?

Anyone else have a plethora of brushes lying around?  I am guilty of such, however, I must admit having them is actually quite handy.  More times than not, I really do not need fine tip detail brushes but rather ones that I can messily smother around my cookies.  So keep those brushes that go astray on you as they will work for many other projects on your cookies!  A great place to find brushes that you can be messy with also is at Hobby Lobby with their 40% off coupon.

So what are my favorite go-to detail paint brushes?

I took a cookie decorating class from Sandie with You Can Call Me Sweetie in Indianapolis once, and she introduced me to these brushes.

If you're going to baby any of your paintbrushes, this is a great set to do it with!  They help define your tiniest details, and perfectly shade in colors especially with watercolor.  I find them on Amazon and Michaels craft stores regularly.  


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