What Can White Food Coloring Do For You?

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What can white food gel coloring do for your royal icing? 

ONE - Your royal icing is actually translucent!

You have mixed a fresh batch of royal icing, and of course it is already white right?  Not so much...

Royal icing made with the basic ingredients of powdered sugar and meringue powder actually produces a fairly translucent base.  

By adding white food gel, you change your translucent base to an opaque base leaving you with a deep rich starting point to work with.  And you will very clearly see the difference in the color of your base.  Your whites will be whiter and your other colors will be more vibrant.

TWO - It will help your iced colors on your cookie not bleed!

I add white to every single color I make with the exception of black.  For example, when making red, I add white food gel and red food gel.  The white makes your original translucent royal icing base now opaque allowing you to create a deep rich darker color.  By making your icing an opaque base, you decrease the chances of colors bleeding into each other.


1.  Add your food coloring prior to thinning out your royal icing with water.  The food coloring will thin it out some, and adding it in first will assure you get the proper consistency.

2.  I add my white food gel per mixed bag of color rather than just adding some to the large bowl/batch of royal icing.  This ensures that I have created an opaque base.

3.  I use Americolor White Food Gel only.  It is pure white in color, and continuously delivers successful results.  You can usually purchase this brand at your local restaurant/baking supply stores, directly through Americolor's website, and on Amazon.


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