Royal Icing Transfer Sheets

transfer transfer sheets

I add free transfer sheets regularly, and often with a video tutorial.  You can always find them HERE.

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Sparkly Sprinkles

glitter sprinkles make your own sprinkles sparkly sprinkles

Watch this video to learn how to simply add some sparkle to your sprinkles!  

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No Dough Left Behind

sugar cookie dough

Watch here to learn a simple way to not waste any cookie dough!

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Dehydrator vs. Fan

cookie dehydrator cookie fan drying royal icing favorite cookie tools

When I first began my cookie adventure, I knew I just had to get my hands on a dehydrator.  I am now an avid user of my little desk fan, although I do occasionally still lean on my dehydrator.  Here is a breakdown... Dehydrator PROS: In my experience, every once in a while in my dry climate of Utah, sometimes my icing wants to be a beast and just not set nicely.  This typically happens at random with a rainstorm creating humidity in the air.  Whatever the culprit, setting the cookies in the dehydrator for five to eight minutes on...

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What the Spread?

easy sugar cookie recipe no fail sugar cookies no spread sugar cookies sugar cookie spread

If there is anything that I have learned along the way in my royal icing sugar cookie'ing journey, it is that everyone has various theories and ideas of and problematic occurrences.   For nearly three solid years after perfecting my sugar cookie recipe, my oven faithfully baked beautiful shapes with zero spread and then one day all went south.  So what happened? Honestly I do not fully know.  However, I am here to provide you with what I did to re-perfect my process and recipe in hopes of helping you! SPREADING CULPRITS 1. BUTTER - For years I faithfully used Costco...

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