Make Your Own Maze Cookie

What can be more fun than playing with your cookie before eating it!  These by far have been one my most popular holiday orders, and I am here to share with you exactly how I did it.

I originally created the maze on my own in Photoshop to fit the Wilton cooking cutter you will see in the video.  I would imagine it is a fairly easy cutter to find. 

I have included the image for you that you can save by right clicking the image with your mouse.  There are a variety of ways you can transfer the maze image to your cookie.  First, make sure your cookie has a nicely dried royal icing surface.

I personally use a KopyKake projector.  You can print the maze image and place it into this projector and very easily ice the lines on.  Many other cookiers use a smaller compact projector called a PICO.  What if you do not have a projector at all?  The solution is a bit tedious, however, it can be done!  

No problem.  Simply print your image an take the time to cut the lines of the maze with an exacto knife.  Place the cut image on top of your cookie and trace the lines onto the cookie with an edible marker.

Sometimes cookies may be shaped every so slightly different, and it is necessary to change up the lines every so slightly.  But this outline will give you a good and solid start.  I hope you enjoy!

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  • Debi on

    Absolutely aMAZing treat❣ Thank you for sharing…

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