All videos are the legal property of AlexCole Edible Art.  Sharing, stealing, selling will not be tolerated on any level.

Online Courses can all be found in the SHOP section.  Each product has the options of purchasing a cookie cutter, a cookie cutter/video kit, or the video alone.

Once your purchase has been made complete, a link will be emailed to you to download the video.  You have the option to save it on your device so you can forever look back on it.

Online cookie courses are a wonderful and convenient way to learn the art of royal iced sugar cookies.  There are so different ways you can open your mind on how to decorate a cookie from a very simplistic aspect to going crazy with your wildest ideas!

Join me in my videos as I sit along side with you and walk you through every single detailed step of decorating a cookie.  My goal with my videos is to always leave you feeling like you have finished a course directly with me.  I will share all of my individual ideas, tips, and tricks.  Each video is unique and can really open up your mind to your own creative side.

My videos are made in real time.  You actually can sit down and decorate with me.  I do not speed up the videos so you end up watching fast forward motions wondering what just happened.  These videos are made with the full intention to leave you proud of your creations and an overall concept of how to do the same design again as well as inspire you to use the decorating methods in other ways.



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