Lemon Drop Sugar Cookies

So here's my take on variations made on sugar cookies (for what it's worth)....

To me, a sugar cookie is the traditional vanilla sugar cookie.  I really dislike when it appears as a perfectly shaped sugar cookie, contains the texture of one, and then you get this weird pop of fake flavor.  Not for me.  

I absolutely love to bake.  One of my favorite things to do for the holidays is to do a variety box of unique cookies.  I looked for a little bit of that twist on these lemon drop cookies.  They are very close to my vanilla sugar cookies, however, I truly feel the zest and juice of a real lemon and the crushed lemon candies make it a unique overall cookie.

I like to leave my lemon candies in larger crushed pieces.  However, I must warn you when you do this YES you will get little pitted areas in your cookie and YES you will have minimal lemon coming out of a couple edges out of the oven (which quickly scrapes away by the way...).  To me these things do not bother me because I make it beautiful on top with royal icing, and the overall combination just pairs together beautifully.  Also, please note, on my royal icing i substitute LorAnn Lemon Emulsion in place of other flavorings in my traditional recipe.  I hope you enjoy!


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