Basic Royal Icing Recipe

basic royal icing easy royal icing royal icing recipe

INGREDIENTS: 2 lb. powdered/confectioners sugar 8 T. meringue powder 1 T. clear vanilla or favorite clear flavoring (I like butter emulsion) 1/2 c. corn syrup 1/2 c. (+2 T optional) water DIRECTIONS: Add powdered sugar to mixing bowl.  I do not personally sift, but put the mixer on low as I do the next step... In separate small bowl, combine meringue powder, and 1/2 c. water.  Whisk until foamy. On low setting, slowly poor wet mixture into powdered sugar.  Quickly add corn syrup and flavoring.  As it combines, slowly add more water if needed until it forms a smooth thick...

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The First Mix

royal icing consistency utah cookie classes

Please note you can find the detailed free royal icing recipe HERE. When you make your royal icing batch, you can base what consistency you are going to do dependent upon what your projects are going to be (i.e., flood, plastic stencils, silkscreen stencils, 3d textures, icing transfers, wet on wet, etc.). If you plan to have a mix of some of the above projects, I would suggest making it a thicker mix which would be similar to what you would make for a gingerbread house glue.  Then you can store it on the counter in an air tight container,...

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Silkscreen Consistency

cookie stencils royal icing consistency silkscreen stencils ten second royal icing

My experience with silkscreen stencils for cookies is that I like to make my icing consistency thinner than what I make for my plastic stencils.  Now with that said, you can make a thinner consistency for your plastic stencils, although my personal preference for those kind of stencils is to the have a stiff dramatic effect.  And a stiffer consistency will not be your friend for silkscreen stencils. So, first things first.... Let's make the basic royal icing recipe HERE. And then take a few tablespoons into a smaller bowl and thin it down to a ten second consistency.

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wet on wet wet on wet royal icing

What is wet-on-wet with royal icing?  It is what happens when you flood your cookie with your royal icing, immediately lay down royal icing details on top of your flood, and all the colors merge together into a beautiful smooth surface. So, what's the best way to achieve this?  First things first... mix your basic recipe first according to the recipe HERE. Now let's take out a few tablespoons in each of the two bowls, and follow steps like this....

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Bleeding and Craters

no bleeding royal icing no crater royal icing royal icing tips royal icing tutorial royal icing video

I think we can collectively agree bleeding and cratering issues are the enemy of royal icing.  Without a doubt, with time and practice, these two will become less of an unwelcome visitor in your cookies in no time! How to help bleeding: Add Americolor White food gel in ALL of your colors except black.  Why?  Because your royal icing is actually a pretty transparent mix.  I mean think about it.  You have mixed powdered sugar and water.  Of course it's pretty transparent right?  So now you need to make an opaque base by adding in pure white food get color....

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