Pumpkin Icing Transfers
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Pumpkin Icing Transfers

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Upon purchase, you will immediately receive your high quality digital file to download.  All files should download and have the ability to be saved to any device.


This high quality digital/printable download includes 70 pumpkin shapes sized approximately 0.70" x 0.82" per page


  1. Save your digital file to your device
  2. Print your high quality print
  3. Secure your print to a flat surface and cover with parchment paper.  I like to use the back of a metal cookie sheet with magnets
  4. Use various colors of royal icing to paint inside the designed lines
  5. Allow your royal icing candy transfers to dry for 24 hours before peeling off the parchment paper


  • Using a thicker consistency of royal icing will help prevent cratering in small spaces
  • If you want certain colors to stand out and not blend, allow one color to dry for ten minutes before placing the next color next to it


When using meringue powder for your royal icing transfers, these icing candies store beautifully for a long time.  Place them in an airtight container on counter or in freezer.  

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