I am here to kindly spread the knowledge I have gained over the course of my successful years in the cookie business.  I do not claim it's "my way or the highway."  I very openly and simply provide to you in full detail what has worked so very well for me.  I fully believe one should find their inner creative self and build upon it through research, learning, and practice.  


My thoughts on my teaching techniques have always been if you like the photograph of the cookie art I have presented, then you will enjoy taking the class.  In my cookie tutorials, I offer extensive details and tips on how to get through every aspect of decorating each piece.  The minimum requirement is that you know how to mix a batch of royal icing in a couple different consistencies.  This can be learned for free all over the internet.  I also offer a class going over the basics of royal icing.


In addition to the above statement, all video courses are the property of AlexCole Edible Art.  Any misuse of my videos will not be tolerated.  You will have the ability to download the video to any device for an infinite amount of time.  


The video courses are a very thorough step-by-step walk through of how to decorate the cookie from beginning to end, however, a basic understanding of royal icing will work well for you.  


I do not currently offer custom cookies nor custom cookie cutters.